Communication behavioural profiling

The core offering in our communication skills program is our Communication Behavioural Profiling service. The aim of this program is to identify an individual's natural communication behaviours, learn how to identify the natural style of others and develop the ability to adapt your style to those of others in order to more effectively influence them. 

This service is based on the internationally renowned Extended DISC profiling tool, which is similar to the better known Myers Briggs Type Indicator but is easier to apply and more suited to communication. As part of this service you will receive a full profile of your exact eDISC profile.

The service is offered in two ways, which can be mixed and matched. The first way is to participate in a public workshop or to organise an in-house team communication workshop. ​The second way is to have a two hour private coaching session for an individual or for critical pairs that have to communicate effectively.

Core competencies development

​In addition to the behavioural profiling above, we have developed a core competencies coaching program that covers the following subjects:

  • Listening: This module delivers powerful questioning techniques and skills in open dialog to ensure that you fully understand another's perspective.
  • Establishing rapport: This module shows how to open others to the power of your suggestion through elements of physiology, voice and language.
  • Gaining influence: This module covers identification of power dynamics and generation of your own sources of power in influencing others.
  • Three great communication virtues: This module covers how to develop more courage, compassion and creativity in the way you communicate.
  • Authenticity: This modules covers how to be more authentic in your communication by better connecting your values to particular communication contexts.
  • Difficult conversations: In this module you learn to deal with problematic people and situations by drawing on other communication skills and careful selection of tactics
  • Presentation skills: This module covers the basics of public speaking but focuses on identifying and resolving any particular concerns or issues.
Personal communication coaching

InDepth owner Tim Kannegieter coaching a client in a cafe

Each coaching session lasts 1 hour and are conducted by the owner Tim Kannegieter.

To help get you started we offer a FREE structured assessment of your communication skills. This involves looking at communication in different aspects of your life, such as work and home, the technical skills you have for sharing your knowledge, and the possible sources of current communication behavior. We then work together to develop a plan to improve your overall communication effectiveness. Find out more or book your free assessment now by clicking on the button below.

Note: You can sample our approach in the free 7 step self-coaching discovery program (see right). 

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Communication self coaching program

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