Communicating complex knowledge

Communicating knowledge

Sharing or creating knowledge is a challenging process, particularly when the topic is complex. At InDepth we are exploring approaches to better support communication and collaboration around "knowledge-intensive" subjects. Our approach is particularly suitable for individuals, organisations and associations in the professional space.

The basis of our approach is centred around in-depth understanding of social interaction around defined knowledge domains. Central to this is the understanding of the interplay between individual thought leadership and modern concepts of community.

Our services

InDepth offers a number of complementary programs that address the full range of contexts.

At an individual level, we have developed a Communication Skills program that addresses the unique challenges of a knowledge intensive environment. This program identifies an individual's natural communication style and how to adapt it to different context and people. Individual modules address specific challenges such as dealing with power dynamics and crucial conversations.

As part of the communication skills coaching, we offer a neurolinguistic programming service that explore and develop an individual's psychological strengths. This one-on-one coaching program identifies ​any emotional or mental barriers to effective communication, and aims to develop personal authenticity as a foundation for personal leadership in your chosen field of knowledge.

As you will have guessed, we go way beyond the important but superficial skills of presentation and listening (which we offer only as part of personal coaching). That is why we called our business InDepth Communication Coaching. Our mission is to deliver effective and lasting change to individuals, teams and organisations who need to communicate around topics of complex knowledge.​

Bridging the gap to organisations we offer both individual and organisational coaching around Thought Leadership. We have developed our own methodology that develops a leadership theme around your core knowledge and communicates that effectively using content marketing principles.

Finally, we offer online community facilitation services that targets external knowledge sharing. This is most suitable for associations and organisations wishing to engage with their customers.​

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