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Marketing communication for complex products and services

For companies that market complex technologies or services across multiple industries, InDepth Communication provides marketing and lead generation services for small and medium sized organisations.


Our services lower the cost of lead generation, speed up sales cycles and delivers better quality prospects through high-quality content regularly delivered via multiple channels, so they recognise your value and contact you when ripe to buy. 

With InDepth you can grow your reputation and position your organisation as a leader in its industry by outsourcing your marketing function to people who believe, love and are inspired by what you do, and reflect that through inspirational marketing. 

What we do

I do all the things you would expect a content marketing service provider would do. I write engaging content for websites, social media and all forms of marketing collateral - from company brochures to white papers. 


What sets InDepth apart is a deep knowledge of science, engineering and technology. I am an engineer with 20 years of experience in both industry and publishing. I speak your language already. 


If you rely on your expertise and sophisticated technology to compete in the business-to-business environment, then you have come to the right place to get serious with your marketing.



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Identifying what your customers connect around

Building your online audience

Brand Strategy

Engaging with your customers to build the sales funnel


Customer research

Identifying what your customers will connect around.

A core aspect of any marketing campaign is to have a clear approach to customer segmentation. For complex products and services it's important to understand the one thing that that will engage your customers, which will vary from category to category. 

InDepth specialises in sophisticated mapping of your technology against core customer needs, application categories and the technology/vendor ecosystem your brand operates in.

We conduct interviews and workshops with your in-house experts, customers, end users and other key stakeholders in the procurement/supply chain to identify insights and the topics of critical importance to your customers.  

We then consult on successive drafts of a customer segmentation framework. For each category, we identify customer personas and key messaging that will underpin your marketing communication strategy. 

Customer research

Community facilitation

Building your online audience

Online communities are increasingly seen as the key to developing productive relationships with your customers. Recently large vendors have become publishers in their own right, now they are building their own private audiences.

InDepth is expert in building vibrant customer communities around the key topics identified in the earlier mapping of your customer environment.


We provide a range of services including organising, marketing and hosting webinars, face-to-face events, stimulation of discussion forums and management of online platforms.

Meeting Room
Community Facilitation

Thought leadership

Engaging your customers to build the sales funnel

Having built a trusted relationship with your customer community, a light touch is required to take the relationship to the sales stage. The thought leadership approach to marketing communication is ideal for companies with complex products and services. 

Building the sales funnel starts with sharing your expertise in a way that encourages your customers to open up about their needs and become increasingly engaged with your value proposition.


InDepth works closely with your in house experts and sales staff to develop marketing collateral and content marketing services that facilitate all aspects of your thought leadership strategy. Services cover thought leadership coaching and workshops,  communication plans and all supporting editorial services including ghost writing, social media, graphic design and video production.

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Thought Leadership

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