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Marketing for

technology and engineering

service providers

For companies that provide complex technologies or services across multiple industries, InDepth Communication provides  marketing  services for small and medium sized organisations.


Market research and planning

Costed plans for core collateral development, regular content marketing on product/service launch campaigns. Deliverables include: ● Marketing strategies, including qualitative market research, competitor analysis, product/services alignment with market needs. ● Value proposition analysis, key message identification ● Content and activities ideation centre and calendar  ● Budgeting including excel spreadsheet with estimated labour and third-party costs on a month by month basis ● Customer/prospect feedback surveys and analysis

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Marketing infrastructure

Review or establishment of core systems including website, CRM and delivery channels. Deliverables include: ● Website establishment/review, planning, forms and conversion tracking ● Graphic design​ ● Content population segmentation and contacts categorisation ● Contacts upload and categorisation ● LInkedIn Page setup and Campaign Manager  ● Newsletter setup

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Content marketing

Regular delivery of engaging content down multiple channels, including blogs, social media and newsletters. Deliverables include: ● Best practice articles on your technology and skills ● Profiles on leading people and organisations in your industry ● Industry news relevant to what you do ● Technical talk for your geeky fans ● Company news that positions your organisation ● Thought leadership on key topics and issues delivered to trade media and/or social media

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Collateral development

Development of evergreen content assets that do not change frequently. Deliverables include: ● Product/Service descriptions that communicate your value proposition​ ● Presentations that cut through complexity ● Case studies that showcase what you do ● Downloadable assets for capturing contact details ●Banners and displays for exhibitions and foyers


Advertising and promotion

Implementation of advertising and promotional campaigns. Deliverables include: ● LinkedIn campaign set up​ ● Advertisements suitable for only and print media ● Exhibitions scheduling and organisation ● Trade media research and development of advertisments and advertorials ● Promotional merchandise ● Displays for foyers / meeting rooms

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Communication coaching

Supporting staff to communicate better both internally and externally. Deliverables include: ● Personality profiling using DISC customised to communication traits​ ● Public speaking fundamentals, group courses or one-on-one coaching and ghost writing speeches ● Personal thought leadership coaching

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Ghost writing, grant applications, business plans

We make sure your technical story is understandable for your key audiences. Services include: ● Ghost writing: We will write opinion pieces and thought leadership articles under your name for publications including media and LinkedIn long form. ● Grant Applications: We will edit a grant application over multiple draft iterations, facilitating input from multiple stakeholders, until they are optimised and read for submission. ● Business Plans: We will provide templates and editing of business plans to get them ready for key stakeholders including investors.

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